Partnering with families to invest in the lives of our children strategically overtime as they step into authentic faith.

We’re excited to meet you!

  1. follow THE signs for Kid Nation Check-In, or ask one of our greeters to point you in the right direction. Our Check-In Ambassadors will be ready and eager to help you fill out some check-in information for your child. (This will include their Date-of-birth and any allergies/medical concerns)

  2. you will receive 3 check-in tags and our ambassadors will let you know where they all go. You will then be directed to their appropriate classrooms.

  3. Babies, Toddlers, Preschool Students and those in Kinder and 1st grades are welcome to go straight to their classrooms after check-in. You are welcomed and encouraged to come into the classroom with your child as they get acclimated before going to enjoy the service yourself.  We invite students in 2nd-5th grades to join us for family worship in the Sanctuary.

  4. there will be a short coffee break After offering and announcements, during which time you can walk your child to their classroom. 



We recognize that it is the parents whom God will hold primarily responsible for the spiritual training of their children and that the home is the primary place where children spend their time. Therefore, Kid Nation will seek to support parents/guardians in the teaching and training of their children by providing them with tools and opportunities for the family to worship together


We believe the Bible is God's Word and is relevant to every age. We also believe that children each learn in their own unique ways and therefore, strive to teach the Bible in a creative and child-friendly way, incorporating various learning styles.


We believe that growth happens in community. As we seek to create a space where kids are known and belong, we step them towards relational connection with their leaders and their peers, which in turn steps them towards authentic faith. We introduce small groups at a young age with leaders who are consistent in attendance and able to demonstrate what it means to live a godly life.


Children learn best in a safe environment and the Church should be a safe community. To ensure this, every team member must complete a background check and security measures are taken to protect our children and our team such as check-in and check-out procedures, controlled teacher to child ratios, and incident report procedures.


God created laughter and smiles and platypuses and we LOVE them in Kid Nation! We seek to share the fun that exists within the Christian community and faith with our children, families, and team members


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